Polaroid Gallery

In 2010 Polaroid quit making Polaroid instant film. It was and is a sad thing for me and so many other Photographers that loved using Polaroid instant film! It has a very unique look and it will be missed by all of us!

Before the digital age of photography, if someone wanted an instant photograph you used Polaroid film. It always fascinated me how it worked. The other amazing thing was the archival quality of Polaroid film. I remember in the 1960’s and 1970’s my Father always had a Polaroid camera and took pictures at family functions and gave them to anyone who wanted one. A couple years ago I was going through an old box of photos. Most of them had faded or the color had shifted. To my surprise the Color and B&W Polaroid’s looked as good as the day they were taken, over 40 years ago!

About 1997 I started shooting Polaroid film in my 4×5 camera. I wanted to make a small group of original Polaroid Image’s. Over the years if I found a nice subject I would take 10 or 12 Polaroid pictures of the same subject. Of course I would ruin 2 or 3 sheets during the whole process, so I would end up with 9 or 10 nice originals of the same Image. All of the Original Polaroid’s listed here are B&W type 55 Polaroid film. The actual size of the film is a little smaller than 4″x 5″. Each original Polaroid is as it was when developed after the subject was photographed. Type 55 film requires that a clear coating be applied to the surface of the print for durability. Type 55 film is very unique and with the coating applied it has a very old style classic look to it.

All original Polaroid’s will be mounted and double matted. The matting will be roughly 12″x 12″ and they will be numbered 1/9 to 9/9 or whatever the total is for each Image. Each Polaroid will be signed by the Photographer and will also include the year the Image was photographed, along with a description of the subject. All Polaroid’s will include an archival Letter of Authenticity attached to the back of the mounting.

Original Polaroid Gallery  [click images below to open gallery view]